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Tatarstan (Russie)

In moeyzhizni I never had any luck with men. Some have changed, the other is not respected, the third left me with a baby in her arms and ran away with another woman. Am I that bad? So many times asked myself this question. And then I came to the conclusion that I am a good, wonderful woman with a good heart and the right values, but the man I came across wrong. Now I hochueto fix this and try to get acquainted with a foreigner. About foreign men say you are gentle, caring, lovely and kind. Nadeyu that this is true. Man, I want one in the first place an honest and loyal, serious and persistent, which will go along with me to the same goal. I want the man who is not afraid to have children and is ready to accept a woman with a child. This is one of the most important qualities for me. I need a responsive, attentive, romantic and kind man. The one who can break the chain of failed relationships in my life and give me back my faith in love and strong family.

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Chef d'entreprise de 10 salariés ou plus

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