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Transnistria (Moldavie)

It's hard to write about myself, I'll write about how my friends and colleagues see me. In their opinion, I have a nice appearance, although I think this is the most common. They also believe that I am charismatic, creative, positive, good-natured, tolerant, that I have a good temper, that I have good taste, that I have a healthy sense of humor, that I am very responsible, with dignity and Many other good things about me, But I'm modest, and I will not write my opinion any more, this is best known when dealing with a person. I will add from myself, I like to do sports, dance, and I'm fine, and that's why I look much younger than my years, my biological age is 55 years old, that's all. I am spiritually and physically quite a developed woman. And yet, I like traveling and learning new things, acquiring new friends, interesting interlocutors. Why am I here on this site? It's a strange question, of course, to find one that has the desire to go through the whole life path, interestingly, in love and harmony, go to bed and wake up together, wander around dew barefoot together, think and inspire everyone with a positive. Immediately I say: I do not answer men under the age of 68 and do not sponsor anyone. I'm the patron of children's shelters, and that's I would like to meet a person who would be for me above all else A friend who will not betray and support in times of need a person with a sense of humor with whom you can talk and sometimes just keep silent kind and affectionate, Friendship is a good basis for relationships - here you and understanding, and care, and support. I always give an opportunity to a close person to feel himself by myself. Where there is mutual understanding, respect, trust and acceptance - there is developing love. In such relationships, it is easy to go through life together. Let's add to this the same passion, tenderness, sex and a little self-irony - we'll get about what I need !.

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Profession intermédiaire de l'enseignement, de la santé, de la fonction publique et assimilé

BAC + 3


Cinema, théâtre, concerts, parc, amis, voyages

Sérieux, responsable, gentil, communicant, sensible, optimiste, sociable, romantique, honnête

Disco, classique, country, jazz

Romans, journaux, magazines

Française, italienne, russe, japonaise

Tennis, natation, Course a pied, basketball, volleyball, autre