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There are men for whom we live. And there are men, being close to whom, we understand that we are starting to live for real! )
I appreciate only men's actions .
Being a woman is not easy! She always has to. Sudden to be like an island, And stormy as spring. To be as gentle as the sea, And as good as the earth, To be beautiful as the dawns, And the secret to know fire. Riddle to be like a star, Desired, Beautiful to be like a rose, Tolerance always be! But where to find a hero, To whom should I be so?
Women love caring, Sincere, joyful laughter, Coffee in bed on Saturdays, Not diamonds and fur. Weasel need and hug, A few quivering words, Better than a new dress, There will be a bunch of flowers. Women love attention, Strength, warm men's hands, If understanding is in love, You do not fear separation.

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Moyen Bilingue

168 cm

56 kg



Cadre de la fonction publique, profession intellectuelle et artistique

BAC +5 et plus


Théâtre, concerts, café, voyages

Sérieux, calme, responsable, gentil, communicant

Pop-rock, classique


Française, russe

Tennis, natation, volleyball, autre



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