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Grand Est (France)

I’m looking for strong love, hugs, desire, seduction, sweetness, sharing of moments, discoveries, complicity, support in difficult moments and laughs. In return, I will offer tenderness, gestures of love, attentions, passion, support, advice, listening and security.
Among my qualities, I think that fidelity, frankness and support to those I love are part of my great strengths. Meeting you will allow me to perceive the imperceptible as your perfume, your gestures, your smile and your reactions. My work situation is stable and good. I like to travel, discover new personalities, do sports, dine with my friends, make good restaurants, drink aperitif, in short, enjoy life. I know how to appreciate simple things: an simple hard egg will make me happy and if I am with my love, it is no longer an egg I have on the plate, it is an emotion, a pleasure, which, as time passes, will turn into a memory of a time when we looked into each other’s eyes and nothing existed. I spent 40 years, so there’s no danger of a midlife crisis. I am open-minded even though I have ancestral values: politeness, civility, education, respect and propriety. I live alone mainly and every other weekend I receive my 12-year-old daughter. My 19-year-old son has already left home for school. I am ready to live a dream to the one who proposes it to me and which I will be in love with, I will study all proposals. To develop the concept, I started a to-do-list: swimming with dolphins, going to Las Vegas, milking a cow, fishing in Ireland, seeing an aurora borealis. For others, the best, I will reveal them only after negotiation and in-depth knowledge;-)
I don’t party much, but when I do, I’m the worthy descendant of James Brown!
I will go straight to the point.
If you have one or more children and if they are under 16years old, they need to see their father. So I can not imagine separating a father from his children if the mother comes to live in France. On the other hand, if I come to live in Russia or Ukraine or other, I lose my job, my good situation, my benefits, I will not see much my children and I do not speak Russian, so complicated for me.
I hope that you understand me. Russian women have a good or bad reputation here in France, either looking for a husband and starting a family or they want money.

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