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Hiii dear

Great that you find time and write to me your answer, this make my day more bright. Hope you feel the same when you read my letters?

While looking through information about you I've found out you like a very interesting person for me) I Hope it's mutual ??

Do you like meeting new people?

On this site I'm probably one of the many who want to find your soul mate.

For me it is very important because I am very tired of being alone . I dream to meet my man. But I haven't achieved their dreams . I dream to meet a man who will understand me without words . . . . . I dream to meet a man who will respect my opinion. . . . . A man who will be not only my husband but also a friend.
Maybe it is you this man?

I would really like to become a wife - "the keeper of home hearth." When I talked about this with my best friend, she said that not every girl would agree to do it. As for me it is so great. I think every great man had a strong woman behind him, who would support him, who was a mainstay, home and family. I would like to become a strong for my husband; the one to whom friends can call if something bad happened or if all is well, friendly and fun for friends, the one who will not allow herself and her family into the offense - for detractors.

I really do not like cheating, and I prefer that I always told the truth. I think it is better to know all the bad things at once than to be deceived for a long time.
Do you agree with me?

My age is 24 years ) I don't have time for games! Do you understand me? I surely girl ) хе) I am ready for a serious relationship !

Being not a young lady I still did not meet my real love, a man who will support me and stay with me until last breathing. I am looking for an understanding, smart man who is well educated and just a good talker especially on evenings.

I believe in the sincerity of the emotions. I know that when it comes to love, stronger heart beating, do not want to sleep at night, and when you sleep, you dream wonderful dreams))

Love is something you can't describe, it is a special state of mind, it is endless like a sky. Love is when you look into someone's eyes, and see everything you need. I believe that nothing happens for any particular reason, and the fact that you are reading this letter can be a sign of a great change in our lives!
Maybe you are the man who will take my breath away? Let's find out?

I love going to the cinema, the theater and a cafe. At the same time, I sometimes like to stay home, watch TV. Free time I have not very much, because I almost always be at work.

As for my work, i work as a philologist, i love my job, it is very interesting and also i am always meet new people, it is nice, because i think that i am enough communicative woman :)

So, now i will ask, are you ready to be happy? Are you ready to start strong and honest relation? Maybe we are right for each other, who know...


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